English speaking Silent PC community in Alicante?

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English speaking Silent PC community in Alicante?

#1 Mensaje por xchaotic » 20 Oct 2010 16:56


I've recently moved to Alicante and brought my PC.
It's a bit too loud, so I'm looking for a shop with silent fans (think Akasa Apache) and watercooling parts.
If someone here speaks English, lives near Alicante, Elche or Santa Pola and is willing to help, please let know :)

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Re: English speaking Silent PC community in Alicante?

#2 Mensaje por kike_1974 » 20 Oct 2010 17:13

Hi! I don't live close to those cities, but I usually spend my vacations in Santa Pola! Anyway, I think that in an online community it is not so important where people live, as internet makes distances virtually non-existant ;)

As I understand from your post, you are going to watercool your components, so you will be using a radiator, and radiators are usually very flow-restrictive. For this situation the best considered fans are the Scythe/Nidec/Servo Gentle Typhoons, because of their brilliant "back-pressure" behavior.

I don't know of any interesting computer components shop there, but anyway, I usually buy those things online.

Sorry for my English, I just want to help ;)

Regards :)

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Re: English speaking Silent PC community in Alicante?

#3 Mensaje por reset » 20 Oct 2010 17:25

Hi, and wellcome to our forum! :D

First off, we would need to know your rig parts, so we can know what we have to refrigerate. And which of them could be noisy (e.g.: hard drive, graphics card, power supply...).

I guess that if you plan to mount a watercooling system is because you are going to do a huge overclock. If you don't, or even depending on the OC you want to achieve, you can have an air cooled pc, which is a lot easier, and cheaper, to make quiet.



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